Both to this site, and to discovering together what has you, right now, reading these words.

Of all the possible things you could be doing, you’re here! My wish for you is to become very present to your life, in Every Moment. Even Now.

As you go on to read, I invite you to feel, even now, what you deeply desire.

What is Circling?

Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Perhaps you’ve practiced it. Circling underpins the very heart of my work as a coach, trainer, facilitator, and philosopher.

I co-discovered Circling in 1995, and have led over 4,000 circles since then.

What is Circling?

If you are interested in coaching with me, please email me: guysengstock@gmail.com.

And if you would like to join a weekly Circling evening in Berkeley, California you can find details here…