Our Innate Freedom – Part 5

Our Innate Freedom: “The key to our prison” 5

In my last post we began to investigate how each of us can either get stuck in, or change, our perspective.  We were talking about how the world shows up for you is given not by what shows up, but rather by something you are giving to it… and then we asked the question: what is it that you are giving?

What is it that I change, that has my occurring view change?

Shana: Your focus?  Your thoughts?

Guy: Yes, definitely. But what has you change your thoughts?  Did you change your perspective?  Perspective is one way of saying it.

FullSizeRender-2Have you ever noticed, that in this universe where the only constant is change, people (including some of you who are reading this) can change their job, yet always end up with the same boss?  Or some people get married over and over and always end up with the same spouse?  Or, have you ever noticed how some people, no matter what the circumstances, have it turn out so that they are not liked, or seen, or gotten?  Or, some people are more on the grandiose side and it always occurs for them that everyone loves them?  Have you noticed this?

People really do have a consistent way that they see the world.

Now we are beginning to hone in on what it is that we give to our view that then determines the quality of our experience.  We can call it point of view, or perspective.  Another way to say it is, how you see or how you listen.

Try it on from this perspective: I can tie you up and take away all our freedom – but the only thing I cannot take away is your ability of ‘how’ you see things.  You always have the ability to change the lens from which you see.  Take Nelson Mandela for example. Even in prison he enrolled all the guards and created change from within the prison.  That was possible because of how he saw the world.  What could not be imprisoned was how he saw.  And, how he saw it was the difference that made the difference.  In his case, his view created an outcome that changed the world.

What’s interesting to me is this: think about the people you know really well – your parents, your brothers and sisters, don’t you already know who they are going to vote for?  There’s certain things you might not even try to talk with your parents about because already know in advance what they are going to say in response.

What is it that you know about them that has you able to know their consistent way of seeing?


***Part 6 coming soon***

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