Our Innate Freedom – part 4

Given that there are things that we want, for example you know you want to eat better than you currently do, and you know you want different results.  You even know what actions to take.  But you don’t take them.  Why?

There must be something going on behind all of that.  We are talking about how we construct our reality.  The stuff that we can see are the outcomes and results, but what’s going on, invisibly, in the background?  If actions, behaviors, outcomes and results are the content, then what is the context out of which all our actions arise?  What do all of our actions correlate to?  Everything that we do and don’t do in every moment is a perfect correlation with something – what is that?  What do you think?

Shana: Our beliefs, our thoughts.

Guy: More basic, more fundamental.  Thoughts are part of it.  It’s something very specific.  Once I say it, you’ll go – oh, of course.  Its like what Heidegger said, “the things that are the most mysterious to human beings are not what’s on the horizon, its what’s most near to us.” And this is why I think it’s our greatest superstition – which there is one world, we think there is a world out there and we think we have nothing to do with it.

Our past experience, added to our perceptions, together create what I call our occurring view.  It’s how you see what you see which gives you your view.  The thing about our occurring view is this; it’s our greatest superpower that we don’t know we have.

Our occurring view is the basis of what can transform within us.


But rather than seeing it this way, we usually call the occurring: the way it is.  What happens when we don’t make that distinction?  Does it have consequences?  It does.  It has the kind of consequences of how you, Shana, respond to the rain and how I, Guy , respond to the rain.

It has something to do with the quality of my experience.  And, the quality of my experience is the thing that I care about the most.  It’s the quality of my experience that has me decide if I am having a good day or a bad day, and if I have a good life or a bad one.  Its impossible not to care about that if you’re a human being.

Ok, now lets look at this example.


How are you seeing this box?  Can you try to see it as if you’re underneath it, looking up?  How about above it, looking down through it?  Can you try on seeing it in different ways?  See that box – that’s your world.

What is the point I am making?

Most of us call the box and our one view/perspective of it, ‘the way it is’.  Yet our view/perspective can change.  What is its ability to change based on?

It’s the same what (the box) but how it occurs for you changes.  So, how the world shows up for you is given not by what shows up, but rather the world shows up by something you are giving to it…what is it that you change?


***Part 5 coming soon***

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