Practicing Dyslexic Wonderment

Seems to me I am / we are an embodied paradox.

On the one hand, as an average everyday human being I want total and complete security. In other words, there is not one moment I can conceive of where the sense of warmth which comes from the knowledge that I am going to be ok would not be welcomed by me.

At the same time I am almost indistinguishable from a socially domesticated demand for every moment to provide a delightful surprise of endless novelty creating an ecstatic amount of risk just enough to tickle…but only for ever.

Most say that trying to solve this paradox is the essence of all neurosis.

Others say, relaxing deep enough, this paradox becomes what is enjoyable, and even beautiful, about being us…

I agree.


What if we could intentionally go dyslexic with our attention? What if there was a way of investing my attention into the most ordinary, common, and everyday experiences in a way that transforms the mundane into the miraculous…!?

Founder of Circling The Circling Institute Coach, sculptor, poet, philosopher

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